Innovating Education: BPS Kota’s Tech digital Classrooms


In the world of rapidly changing technological environments, it is becoming essential for schools or educational institutes to modernize their classroom to integrate students with modern technology that not only helps them to learn effectively but also increases their learning engagement time. Bansal Public school is not just integrating technology but is reinventing the classroom learning environment to create digitally fluent students for the future.

Real-World Tech in Classrooms

At BPS Kota, we  believe in using technology that mirrors the real world. Our classrooms are equipped with industry-standard software and hardware that engages students with their learning module and also generates curiosity to know more. With digital high-tech classrooms teachers also get the opportunity to teach via different methods like video conferencing and online meetings making the learning and improves the overall understanding of students.

Interactive Learning Tools

Gone are the days of passive learning. Our interactive tools, from touch-enabled smartboards to collaborative software, actively involve students in their education, transforming them from passive recipients to active participants

Connectivity and Cloud Computing

Cloud-based learning at BPS Kota ensures that our students and educators are interconnected. Assignments, resources, and discussions transcend physical boundaries, fostering a connected community of learners.

Data-Driven Education

Our educators use technology to gather meaningful data on student learning. This information isn’t just numbers; it’s a roadmap that guides personalized instruction and targeted support for each student.

Tech-Savvy Teacher Squad

BPS Kota’s teachers are not just educators; they’re tech pioneers. Continuous professional development keeps our faculty at the cutting edge of educational technology, ensuring they’re as adept with digital tools as they are with traditional teaching methods.

Project-Based Learning

We champion project-based learning where technology is a tool, not just a subject. Students at BPS Kota undertake real-world projects using tech resources, fostering a practical understanding of their applications.

Coding: The New Language

Coding at BPS isn’t an extracurricular—it’s a language that every student learns. By integrating coding across subjects, we’re ensuring our students are fluent in the language of the future.

Multimedia Presentations

Students create multimedia presentations that go beyond the classroom walls. These projects hone their research skills and digital creativity, preparing them for modern academic and professional communication.

Learning Analytics

Our tech platforms provide learning analytics that offer insights into student progress and help tailor the educational experience to maximize learning outcomes.

Emphasizing Digital Etiquette

Technology in education is not just about hardware and software; it’s about behavior. Digital etiquette forms a core part of our curriculum, teaching students the responsibilities that come with digital capabilities.

Sustainable Tech Practices

At BPS Kota, technology also means responsibility. Our students learn sustainable tech practices, ensuring that as they innovate, they also preserve.


BPS Kota’s approach to technology in the classroom is rooted in reality. We are not just preparing students for the future; we’re equipping them with the skills to shape it. Our classrooms are incubators for innovation, where technology is harnessed to unlock potential and forge new possibilities. Join us as we journey into an educational odyssey that’s modern, meaningful, and transformative.
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