Cultural Heritage and Celebrations at BPS Kota

BPS Kota, an institution known for its academic excellence, also stands as a beacon of cultural preservation and celebration. In an era where modernity often overshadows traditions, the school has meticulously woven cultural threads into its fabric, ensuring that students are deeply rooted in their heritage while soaring into the future. Here’s a deep dive into how BPS Kota champions traditions in contemporary times.

Festivals Galore

Every festival, be it Diwali’s luminance, Holi’s vibrancy, Eid’s harmony, or Christmas’s joy, finds its unique expression at BPS Kota. The campus resonates with traditional songs, dances, and the shared joy of students from diverse backgrounds coming together. These celebrations are not just limited to enjoyment; they serve as educational sessions where students learn the historical and cultural significance of each festival.

Traditional Art and Craft Workshops

One of the most awaited events at BPS Kota is the traditional art and craft workshop series. From the intricate designs of Madhubani paintings, pottery sessions echoing the Indus Valley civilization, to the rhythmic beats of traditional drums, students get hands-on experience and a sense of continuity of the rich cultural tapestry of India.

Drama and Theater: Stories of Yore

BPS Kota’s theater group often stages plays based on folklore, myths, and historical events. This initiative isn’t just a showcase of talent but a journey through time. As students enact scenes from the Ramayana or depict the struggles of historical figures, they form a profound connection with their cultural roots.

Cuisine Celebrations

The diverse Indian culinary landscape finds its representation in the school’s annual food fest. Students, with the guidance of their mentors, prepare traditional dishes, taking their peers on a gastronomic journey across India. This celebration serves a dual purpose: it caters to the taste buds and educates the young chefs about the history and traditions associated with each dish.

Traditional Music and Dance Classes

BPS Kota recognizes that music and dance are the soul of any culture. Regular classes in traditional forms like Bharatanatyam, Kathak, Hindustani and Carnatic vocal ensure that students not only appreciate these arts but also gain proficiency in them. The year-end cultural fest, where students showcase their learnings, is a testament to the school’s commitment to preserving these art forms.

Dialogue Sessions with Elders

One of the unique initiatives by BPS Kota is the ‘Dialogue with Elders’ session. Here, esteemed senior members of the community share tales of traditions, customs, and personal experiences, bridging the generational gap. These stories, rich with wisdom, ensure students value the traditions that have shaped their cultural identity.


In the fast-paced world where traditions often take a backseat, BPS Kota emerges as a stalwart of cultural preservation. The school understands that to prepare students for the future, they need to be well-acquainted with their past. Through its myriad initiatives, BPS Kota ensures that students not only respect and uphold their traditions but also become ambassadors of their rich cultural heritage in the modern world. In doing so, BPS Kota isn’t just churning out academically brilliant minds but well-rounded individuals rooted in tradition while reaching out to the stars.
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