Pre Primary Education

Going to Pre School is “A tiny step for a massive exposure in a child’s life”.

This is the first ever exercise where kids are separated from their parents’ comfort and secure zone. So, the school has to be a second cozy home for the child, with enough love, care, attention, safety and comfort. Every child learns to communicate with their teachers and fellow students in the Pre-Primary School Education. It’s the right place for the child’s foundation for life long progress.

We at Bansal Public School aims at providing growth and expansion by facilitating our children with deeper, more gripping and subtler ways of knowing the world. We work towards making children feel happy, secure and comfortable through our curriculum which provides ample opportunities for a child to learn and explore the environment around him.

BPS Pre-Primary learner centered Pedagogy –

Pedagogy is the science of teaching or making students learn. Our pedagogy is based on

  • Activity based learning.          
  • Collaborative learning.
  • Experiential learning.

Our Salient Features

Play based Learning

 Toy Train

Gift of toy train for the tiny tots of Bansal Public School received an overwhelming response from our children, as they enjoy the train ride with all delight and excitement. Through  fun filled  train ride, they simultaneously learn many things such as about train signals, train whistle,  a way that develops their cognitive domain of learning.

Aims at improving cognitive and linguistic abilities.

Smart Classrooms :

We at BPS, ensure better learning outcomes. Our every classroom is equipped with smart class technology which helps in developing involvement and interest among the students by displaying animated media such as videos, pictures, and audio. This is far more engaging for student than simple text on a whiteboard. Visual learning help students understand complex concept in less time than they would in a traditional classroom.

Kid’s Play Zone :          

Play zone for kids at Bansal Public School, makes learning a joyful experience for students. At the play station a child learns the skills of negotiation, problem solving, sharing, and working within groups. Children practice decision making skills, move at their own pace and discover their own interests during play.

Excursion Picnics :

Experiential learning is of great importance and it helps in developing confidence in a child’s mind.

We at Bansal Public School conduct various educational excursions and picnics. It gives them relief from monotony & regular stress of classroom studies. Along with fun and frolic, continuous learning takes place during these excursions.

Communication and Personality Development Classes : 

An individual with a pleasing personality is appreciated and respected by all. Effective communication skills play a crucial role in having ones personality. It helps individual to express themselves in the most convincing way.

In line with the same we have regular Communication and Personality Development Classes for our students.

Regular Work sheets.

To monitor the progress of learning, worksheets are given to the students at kindergarten level, which is a very effective tool used by teachers to understand students previous knowledge, outcome of learning and the process of learning.

Mother Teacher Concept :   

“Teachers hold their students’ hand for a short while but their hearts forever”. At Bansal Public School, Kota young learners are nurtured under the tender care of mother teacher. Both the learner and the teacher spend more time with each other and the teacher personally knows and understands each child.

Festival Celebration :

Every festival has its charm and kids enjoy it the most for sure. We at BPS ensure that our students not only enjoy every festival at school but also learn many things as possible for them.

Take away  ‘The Convocation ceremony’

A high quality early childhood education teaches children cognitive, behavioral and social skills that they learn at Pre-primary school education. , every year we celebrate the milestones and educational achievements of our young learners by organizing a convocation ceremony.