Displayboard Decoration Competition (IX-&-X)-22-04-15


22nd April of every year is marked as the Earth Day. This day was celebrated in our school with great enthusiasm. Different activities and competitions were conducted in the school. The main aim of there activities were to find out how closely children deserves the nature and wheat inferences they draw from it. With this objective following activities were conducted : -

(i) Class 1 & 2 “Planation”.

(ii) Class 3 & 4 “No Fire Cooking”.

(iii) Class 5 “Best out of waste”.

(iv) Class 6 to 10 “Poster making & Notice Board Decoration”.

In plantation tiny toddlers of class 1 & 2 have done the plantation & importance of plants were explained to them. Masterchifs of class 5 prepared sandwiches and Bhelpure in no fire cooking activity.

Beautiful items were made out of plastic bottles and its reuse was emphasized so that we can protect our mother Earth. Dynamism of Science was closely observed in poster making competition. Children had painted beautiful posters showed how closely they had observed nature. In this different themes were given to the Earth Day was purved by them. When Science is tought in this manners, the children would learn the ways of nature and starts appreciating it.